Long Reef Golf Club Board Nominations

Nominations for the 2020 Election of the Board of Directors open at 5pm on Tuesday 8th September 2020. Nominations will be open until 5pm on Tuesday 22nd September 2020.

The Board will consist of the positions of President, Vice President, Captain, Vice Captain, Treasurer and up to 4 Directors.

Nomination forms and a copy of the Board Charter can be obtained from the General Manager during the Club’s standard business hours.

The current Members have nominated for the following positions (click on candidates name to view resume):


Stephen Twigg

Vice President:


Vice Captain:


John Steuart 


Doug Mansfield

The Constitution of the Club (section 14.4) states “A person may not be elected as President or Captain unless they are a 7 Day Member, 7 Day Special Member, 7 Day Gold Member or Life Member.”

The Constitution of the Club (section 14.5) states “A Member who is not a Financial Member and/or is currently under suspension cannot be elected or re-elected to the Board or perform any duties of the Board or of any Committee.”

The Constitution of the Club (section 14.7) states “Members nominating for the election to the Board may nominate for more than one Office and/or as an ordinary Director and in the event of their being elected to an Office, will be eliminated from the election for less senior Office as determined by section 14.9 or ordinary Director position.”

The Constitution of the Club (section 14.6) states “Nominations for election to the Board must be made in writing on the form provided for this purpose, signed by 2 Full Members or Life Members and by the nominee”

A candidate may only withdraw his/her nomination in writing and such withdrawal must be received by the General Manager prior to the close of nominations at 5pm Tuesday 22nd September 2020.