COVID-19 Club update


Please respect the safety of all Members, guests and staff.

Saturday 21st August

As announced yesterday by the NSW Government, from 12.01am Monday 23 August, it will be mandatory to wear a facemask when outside your home, except when exercising.

Therefore Members and guests will be required to wear a face mask from the time they arrive at the carpark until they reach the 1st or 9th tee to commence their round. Face masks will then need to be worn as soon as you exit the final green.

Members finishing their rounds may access the Cafe for takeaway food but can not congregate in any area of the Club grounds including the carpark, wedding lawn or pro shop surrounds.

There has been some confusion regarding the 5km from home rule for exercise. Members residing anywhere in the Northern Beaches LGA are eligible to play golf at Long Reef regardless of the distance required to travel from their home to the course.

Residents in Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour may now only shop and exercise within their own Local Government Area (LGA) or if outside their LGA, within 5km of their home

Further to this morning’s announcement, the Premier mentioned that exercise will be limited to one hour per day. This is only in the LGA’s of concern and excludes the Northern Beaches. Click here for LGA’s of concern.

With the increase in daily COVID cases and the tightening of restrictions, I can’t urge enough the importance that Long Reef Golf Club Members and guests continue to comply with the Public Health Order.

Thank you to the majority of Members respecting their fellow Members and assisting in the longevity of golf being permitted during the lockdown.

Friday 9th July 2021 at 4pm

Following the NSW Government announcement today, Friday 9th July, further restrictions have been imposed on Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong taking effect from 5pm today.

The Golf Course will be open for Members who reside in the Northern Beaches Local Government Area or within 10km of the Club (note 10km applies to only a small area outside the Northern Beaches LGA). For ease of reference we have enclosed a 10km radius map.

Golf will be played strictly in groups of 2 and a Members competition will be available each day from 6.50am to 1.30pm. Members may only book on the days that their category allows them to play i.e. 5 Day Member may play Monday to Friday.

Members: Please visit the Members portal for more information.

Visitors: Please visit for more details

Thursday 8th July 2021 at 12pm

Following the Premier’s announcement yesterday 7 July, the current lockdown will be extended for another week until 11:59pm on Friday, 16 July.

During this period the Clubhouse will remain closed. Our White Rock café will remain open for takeaway food and drinks only. Reception can be contacted during normal business hours on 9971 8113.

Saturday 26th June 2021 at 8pm

Following the Premier’s announcement this afternoon, there will be a COVID lockdown for Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong from 6pm today (Saturday 26th June) until at least midnight on the Friday 9th July.

During this period the Clubhouse will only be open for takeaway food and drinks. Reception can be contacted during normal business hours on 9971 8113.

Golf NSW has advised that golf is considered exercise and can continue if your Club has and complies with its COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Currently, there are no restrictions on where exercise can take place (in groups of no more than ten) within the Greater Sydney area. Golfers should exhibit a heightened awareness of personal hygiene and adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times.

Members will continue to have access to the golf course on the days that their Membership category allows. Timesheets for the next two weeks will only be available online and will open to Members at the standard internet opening times (click here to view times).

Whilst playing golf at Long Reef Golf Club please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Masks must be worn on entry to the Pro Shop
  • QR Code check must be used at the Pro Shop and at the Cafe for takeaway
  • Do not congregate in groups larger than 10
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and sanitise as necessary
  • Limit touch points in the pro shop and on the golf course e.g. have one player remove and replace flagstick.
  • Maintain social distancing

As this is a developing situation we will keep you updated with any changes as they arise through emails and the website.
We have an opportunity to still enjoy our golf, please act responsibly.