COVID-19 Club update



For the well being of our Patrons and our Staff Members we ask you to consider our modified conditions of entry. Any breaches of these conditions may result in you being asked to leave the venue.
– Members must provide your full name and contact number upon entry.
– Non-members must provide Proof of ID as well as a contact number.
– If you are unwell or showing the mildest of symtoms please do not enter the Club. You are encouraged to test for COVID-19.
– Venue Capacity is limited to one customer per 4 square metres of space
– Customers must remain seated at all times, unless ordering or
visting bathrooms.
– Please ensure you are physically distanced from other customers
and staff by 1.5m
– Current restrictions allow for no more than 30 Customers at 1 table, although we are limiting our bookings to 20 people per table due to limited floorspace within the club.
– Please follow all directional signage.
– Please ensure to wash hands thoroughly & sanitize.

We have a Covid19 Safety plan and are committed to keeping you safe

Have you visited a COVID hotspot in the last 14 days? If so we ask you don’t visit our Club.

Thank you for abiding by our COVID Safe Plan which will allow Members to continue enjoying the Course and Club with minimal disruption.