GIRLS ONLY MyGolf program with Jody Fleming

Following on from the successful Gigl Golf launch, Jody Fleming will be running a GIRLS ONLY MyGolf program at Long Reef Golf Club from 4.15pm – 5.15pm starting Wednesday 8th August through to the 29th August.

$80 per child for the 4 weeks

The MyGolf program is a structured introductory program to the sport of golf for children endorsed by both Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia.

There are three levels of the MyGolf Program:

–  Rookie: Try Golf
–  Star: Learn the Skill
–  Master: Prepare to Play

There are a few simple program philosophies that the MyGolf program has been based around:

Above all, it’s imperative that any activity is fun and engaging for juniors to keep them involved and excited about golf.  Juniors, particularly at the introductory level, are looking for fun with their friends and therefore that is the platform for which MyGolf has been based.

Life Skills
Children are introduced to valuable life skills throughout the program that will not only assist them on the course but also in everyday life.  Each level of the program focuses on developing two specific skills such as respect, sportsmanship and perseverance.

Using games is the best way for juniors to learn and develop skills while still having fun. The MyGolf program encourages learning through fun, team-based, inclusive games and activities which allow for skill repetition and progression.

The essence of the program is for juniors to enjoy golf and learn and develop new motor and life skills along the way. It’s important from the outset, regardless of age or ability, that we enforce the idea that golf is simple and easy to understand. In essence, there is one swing in golf that can be shortened or lengthened to make the ball travel different distances.