Instalment application

Click here to download the schedule of subscriptions 2019 – 2020

The Board of Directors has allowed subscriptions to be paid in two instalments (where applicable).  Instalment payments for 2019/2020 will only be accepted via a credit card. The first instalment will comprise half of the base subscriptions plus all of the GST plus the House Levy plus any other charges applying to you (eg Lockers).  The second instalment will comprise half of the base fee plus the $50 administration fee.

If you wish to pay your subscriptions off in more than two instalments, we offer a payment option through Pay As You Golf. This allows you to choose from either a fortnightly or monthly payment option. This is a low cost and stress free payment alternative and you can choose to pay your instalments by direct debit or credit card.

One simple registration form and no invasive credit assessment process. For more information, please contact the office or see Pay As You Golf’s website:

The first instalment is due on 22nd March 2019 and the second instalment is due on 20th September 2019 with an administration fee of $50.  Unfinancial members on those dates are not eligible to play and practice on the course.  If the second instalment is declined, an additional $50 penalty will apply.

If you elect to pay your subscriptions by instalments, then you have agreed to join in that category of membership for the entire year.

Please complete the below instalment application form or click here to download. 

Please select your membership category. *Please note if you have a locker you need to add on the cost to the first instalment.
Dates payments are due
First instalment due Friday 22nd March 2019
Second instalment due Friday 20th September 2019.
This will be processed with the payment information provided in this form. 
Payment Details
(Master Card or Visa only)