Sargood on Collaroy

General Manager Anthony Dignan and I recentlysargood-on-collaroy-logo
had the privilege of attending the opening of Sargood
On Collaroy, the ultimate accessible resort for people
living with a spinal cord injury and the result of
more than 15 years of hard work, dedication,
creativity and inspiration from the Sargood
Foundation, supported by a wonderful local and
business community.
Sargood on Collaroy is a place for people living with a
spinal injury to refresh and gain insights into new
learnings and technology and for those that have
recently sustained their injury, it will be a haven of
information, learning and ultimately confidence, as
they connect with the amazing team of professionals
and most importantly, each other.
Boasting stunning views of Collaroy Beach, the 17-
apartment resort bridges luxury and accessibility,
equipped with automated guest rooms, state-of-theart
equipment and facilities, and expertise in
evidence-based innovative spinal injury management
and recreational therapy. Offering a range of
opportunities, including recreation and leisure,
education, and the development of vocational skills,
Sargood on Collaroy is the ideal destination for
people with spinal injury to refresh, learn and
NSW Premier Mike Baird in opening Sargood On
Collaroy paid tribute to the work of the Sargood
Foundation and made particular mention of its
Board Members including Rod and Liz Macqueen,
Gregor Millson, and Graham Anderson and vicepatrons,
Alan Jones AO, Wendy Harmer. The
Sargood Foundation (which represents the local
community) has a 25% ownership with the balance
being between Icare 50% and a private benefactor
The Sargood Foundation owns 25%. Long Reef
Golf Club members should be extremely proud of
the contribution, drive and commitment of Rod and
Liz, Gregor and Graham and many others who have
helped along the way and I know that Long Reef
Golf Club is very proud to have been of assistance
to the Sargood Foundation fundraising endeavors
and we will continue to do so.
Not everyone is in a financial situation that allows
them to stay at Sargood On Collaroy and that’s why
The Sargood Foundation needs your help on an
ongoing basis. A key function is to raise funds to
assist Sargood on Collaroy to operate as a place of
learning for people with a spinal injury and ensure
the long-term sustainability of the Centre.
The Sargood Foundation aims to support people
with a spinal injury in their endeavors to play an
equal role in society by promoting social integration
& activity, by increasing workforce participation,
and by promoting innovations that enhance the lives
of people living with a spinal injury
Sargood On Collaroy is a wonderful facility and I urge
Long Reef Golf Club members to continue to
support the fundraising initiatives of the Sargood
Foundation as they continue their amazing work.
David Costello OAM President