Cathy is known to many of the lady golfers at Long Reef Golf Club and her story came to light on Facebook and a presentation by club member Julie Simpson to the lady golf members.

There was not a dry eye in the place

Can I suggest you view the link and see why everyone was so moved

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/EmpowerGolfAustralia/
  • Just go down the page to POSTS and see 4th May – this is Cathy ‘making a putt she never thought was ever possible’ and her face tells the story
  • Cathy didn’t have a set of clubs (well not until Wednesday) when Josh Nelson of Sporte Leisure presented Cathy with her full set of new Niblick clubs


On Wednesday 17th May at 1pm

  • Global Promotional Products, Sporte Leisure, Empower Golf and Long Reef Golf Club along with other guests were there to present Cathy with a brand new set of Niblick Golf Clubs to help her be a member and player in our great golf community
  • Presentation was made at Long Reef Golf Club just before her lesson which she has weekly and then went on to play 3 holes with her new clubs
  • Long Reef Golf Club President, Steve Twigg, Club Captain, Les Browne and David Costello have also made safe and secure storage available under the Pro Shop, so Cathy can get her clubs easily every week
  • Can we all say a ‘massive thank you’ to Lachy from Empower Golf who looks after this fantastic project

Cathy went on to practise with the clubs in the clinic and then Lachy took Cathy out for a few holes on the course with her new clubs.

Cathy burst into tears going down the first fairway such was her delight in playing with her very own set of clubs.