New Junior Development Program and Scholarships

Growth in our Junior Membership was identified as a critical part of building a future for our Club by all our Member Focus groups during the Strategic Planning process. A focus on growing junior golf enables us to ensure the future of golf for our Club, our representative teams and ultimately the sport we have all associated ourselves with for many years.

The Board and Management have designed a Junior Development Program that will encourage local boys and girls to participate in the game of golf with a major focus on tuition and enjoyment. The three categories of membership are:


  • Open to any boy or girl 7 years and above
  • 8 week “My Golf” program run by the club professional on Saturday mornings
  • Focuses on learning the basics of golf in a fun and safe environment


  • Previously attended the Chipper classes or is at a suitable level determined by the club professional
  • Weekly clinic with club professional on a Saturday afternoon followed by 6 hole competition with weekly prizes from the club
  • A free ½ hour lesson after the cadet has attended 5 Saturday cadet competition
  • Annual cadet tournament over 2 rounds of 9 holes held in the school holidays
  • Cadets under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult whilst on the golf course
  • The cadet will move to a junior member when the Club Professional and Junior Development Committee believe he/she are capable of maintaining an AGU handicap and play in members’ competitions


  • 7 day playing rights
  • A free ½ hour lesson after the junior member has played 7 competition rounds
  • Junior members will be considered for selection in Encourage shield, Junior Pennant and Eric Apperly representative teams
  • Junior members have the opportunity to apply for a Scholarship which will assist them with funding to represent Long Reef Golf Club at Junior tournaments


Three levels of scholarships will be introduced which focus on encouraging juniors to play events and improve their skills.

Encouragement Scholarship – successful applicants who have come through the three stages of membership and display great etiquette with the passion to improve. Funds will be allocated to Junior tournament entry fees.

Basic Scholarship – Juniors with a GA handicap of 9.0 or less will be eligible to apply for a Basic Scholarship. The successful applicants will receive their membership fees and up to $500 in entry fees and/or travel expenses for approved events.

Elite Scholarship – Juniors and Intermediate members under the age of 23 years and with a GA handicap of 3.0 or less. The successful applicants will receive their membership fees and up to $2000 in entry fees and/or travel expenses for Local, State, National and International approved events.


Elite scholarship holders must play:

  • Club Championships
  • Long Reef Medal
  • At least 12 competition games at LRGC throughout the year
  • Represent LRGC when selected
  • Nominate LRGC as their Home Club

The Junior Development program is aimed at increasing participation in the game of golf and strengthening the membership of Long Reef Golf Club. The program will be promoted at local schools through Long Reef providing golf classes at after school care throughout the year.

It is also a great opportunity to enable members to introduce their children and grandchildren to Long Reef Golf Club and the game of golf.


Download Scholarship Application Form