18th Hole

Fairway speckled with bunkers that catch any poorly played tee shot and even some of the good ones. A mid-iron approach to a sloping green surrounded by more bunkers makes for an excellent finishing hole. Pro’s Tip: Downwind beware of running out of fairway and ending up in some long grass. Many play down the … Continue reading 18th Hole

17th Hole

This hole has proved the ruin of many a good round. A thin fairway with treacherous rough and O.O.B on the left. Make par here and you have played very well. Pro’s Tip: A great hole. The “Mounds of Sin” protect the right and Out of Bounds looms left. A raised green requires a precise … Continue reading 17th Hole

16th Hole

With the Tasman Sea and out of bounds looming metres to the left of the fairway, a good tee shot will leave you with a mid-iron into a small green guarded by grassy hollows on three sides. Pro’s Tip: The obvious drive is to the right away from the Out of Bounds but it makes … Continue reading 16th Hole

15th Hole

Uphill par 5 that can be reached by big hitters in 2. However, the green offers a very tricky approach, as short approaches will often run back off the green onto the fairway. Pro’s Tip: An uphill par 5 that seems simple enough until you reach the green. A severe slope on the front catches … Continue reading 15th Hole

4th Hole

This hole is littered with fairway bunkers that will catch any errant drive. Once you have negotiated these bunkers your approach shot is to an open green guarded by greenside bunkers. Pro’s Tip: A tough hole in anyone’s language. There’s a bit of room right for the long hitters but into the north easterly hang … Continue reading 4th Hole

14th Hole

Downhill par 4 with cross fairway bunkers ready to catch the unwary. A drive and a solid mid-iron will see many a par come on this hole. Pro’s Tip: On the tee the 14th seems fairly basic though the ball will feed to the right and close off the green. Unreachable fairway bunkers make the … Continue reading 14th Hole

13th Hole

The wind is the major factor in your club selection here. Many a ball has found the ocean when the wind is blowing. This hole is never a simple par. Pro’s tip: Probably Long Reef’s signature hole. Innocuous downwind, into the wind the 13th has some serious teeth. Out of Bounds left, deep bunker right, … Continue reading 13th Hole

12th Hole

Littered with fairway and greenside bunkering, with a sloping green that can be very tricky this is not the easiest hole on the course. Left of the fairway is very nasty and high mounds up the right side. Pro’s Tip: There is more room left here than meets the eye. A good line is just … Continue reading 12th Hole

11th Hole

A slightly downhill par 4 with a slight dog-leg right and high mounding most of the way down the right side. Beware of the trap on the right corner of the mounds and the less than friendly rough. Left side of the fairway is guarded with Parramatta grass and if you run through the fairway … Continue reading 11th Hole

10th Hole

Uphill, long and not rated the hardest hole because it is easy. Plays mostly into the wind and hitting the green in 1 is an achievement in itself. Be very happy walking off this hole with par. Pro’s Tip: Beast of a par 3. Often unreachable into a northerly, play to the front half of … Continue reading 10th Hole