Lessons & Clinics

Golf lessons give you the information and time you need to work on your game. Improvement is inevitable with practice and all you need is a desire to improve.

Our golf lessons are designed to help you work on every aspect of your golf game with our qualified instructors. Lessons can be arranged by appointment. Simply call our Golf Professional’s on 9982 2943 to book a lesson. Group or Individual lessons are available

Lessons from a Professional really is the secret to improving your game.



Michael Infanti Lesson Packages

Individual Coaching Rates

$80.00             30 minute lesson

$140                 60 minute lesson


$220.00           3 x 30 minutes lesson package

$400.00           6 x 30 minute lesson package

$370                 3 x 60 minute lesson package

$600                 5 x 60 minute lesson package

Juniors 18 & Under

$50                  30 minute lesson

$100                60 minute lesson